JewelMesh Basic Demo

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Stock Adding
  • Select Outside Desk, Select a Package, Select a Template
  • Add Item at time
  • Enter Category, Wts etc
  • Add Multiple Items
  • Print-Tag1,Print-Tag2 and Print-Tag3
  • See Stock Report
  • Add Stock from Outside desk into Showroom desk
Retail Sales
  • Scan two items DR0001, DR0002
  • Print Rough Estimate
  • Find Customer
  • Give 5% Discount in Diamond
  • Give Discount in Total
  • Choose Sales Persons
  • Purchase OldGold
  • Collect Payments
  • Save the Transaction
  • Print Sale Bill1 and 2
  • See Account Statement
Retail Sale with Weight & Rate change
  • Scan two items DR0001, DR0002
  • Open item and change weight of Gold and change Diamond rate
  • See that the Retail of item has changed as per new weight and rates
  • Save Transaction
  • The balance weight has come into stock
Sales Return
  • Open Transaction for item being returned
  • Return the item
  • Save Transaction
  • Make Return Payment in Cash
  • See Account Statement
  • Print-Sale-Return
Untagged Stock Sale
  • Add Stock of NoosePin and Chain18K
  • See Stock in Package
  • Make Sale of NoosePin and Chain18K
  • See Print-Sale-Bill
  • See Stock in Package again
  • Send two items on Approval DT0001, DT0002
  • Print Approval Bill
  • See Approval Report
  • Confirm Approval of one item
  • Collect Payments
  • See Approval Report
  • Received Order from customer with Cash advance
  • Print Order Receipt
  • See Order Report
  • Give delivery of Order item
  • See Order Report
Working with Outside Diamond Worker
  • Issue Gold and Diamond to Worker from Fabrication Desk
  • Merge Gold and Diamond with Loss 18%
  • Modify item and put Labor Rs. 500
  • Receive Finished Item from Worker into Fabrication Desk
  • Transfer Item into Showroom desk
  • See Worker Balances report
  • See Worker Job reprot
Working with Outside Gold Vendor
  • Ledger Received different purity items
  • See Gold-Report-Vendor
  • Ledger Sent (issue) Gold to Vendor
  • See Gold-Report-Vendor again
Working With Inside Worker
  • Create an Internal Order with Estimate Wts in Fabrication Desk
  • See Order Report
  • Transfer order to Caster:Kumar
  • Issue Gold18K to Caster:Kumar
  • Merge Gold18K into order with manual loss
  • Send Order for Setting to Setter:Kishan
  • Send LD From Fabrication to order with Setter:Kishan
  • Merge LD into order with loss
  • Send Remaining Diamond from setter to Fabrication Desk
  • Finished the order, by checking Quality Checks
  • Send ready item to Showroom Desk
  • See Material Movement Report
  • See Worker Balances
Customer Gold Deposit
  • Accept Gold from Customer
  • Return Gold to Customer
  • See Gold Report
  • Adjust Customer Gold Account for Jewelry Sale different purity
  • Print Sale Bill with Adjustment
  • See Gold Report
Customer Relationship
  • Manage Customer
  • Find Customer with Birthday, Spouse Birthday and Anniversary Date
  • Print Mailing Labels
Management End of Day Checking
  • See Cash Report
  • See Sales Report
  • See Approval Report
  • See Purchase Report
  • See Stock Adding Report
  • See Stock Movement Report
  • See Material Movement Report
JewelMesh Financial
  • Account Manager Login
  • Create Opening for Cash, Bank, Capital, Sundry Creditors/Debtors
  • Fixed Assets
  • See Financial Reports
  • Sales Manager Login
  • Make Purchase
  • Make Sales
  • Account Manager Login
  • Add Rent Expense, Pay Salary to 1 employee
  • Print Pay Slip
  • Deposit Check
  • See Financial Reports
  • Add Depreciation
  • Add Drawings
  • See Financial Reports
  • See Detailed Report for each entry in Financial Report