JewelMesh Enterprise Demo

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Working With Multi Stores
  • Create Items in Outside desk without pricing
  • Add Stock Items from Outside in HoPricing
  • Add Pricing to items
  • Select Item and Transfer into HODistribution of POS1
  • From POS1 Desks, Select Item from HODistribution then Memo Sent from Collection
  • Print Memo and Packing List
  • Login as in POS1
  • Open POSReceiving desk, select 1 missing Item and Transfer into
  • POSDiscrepancy, send rest to Stock desk
  • Transfer an item from Stock Desk to POSReturns
  • Open POSReturn desk, Select item and do Memo Sent from Collection
  • Item will be recieved in HOReceiving Desk
  • See Print-Memo of returned items
  • Login as HO
  • See Discrepency Report
  • See HOReceiving desk
Working with Franchisee
  • HO Login
  • Sell Stock to Franchisee
  • Ownership of items sent to Franchisee is of Franchisee
  • Login as Franchisee
  • Franchisee makes Sale
  • Ownership of returned items is back to HO
  • Login as HO
  • See Sales Report of Franchisee from HO
Working With Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order for Raw Material and Finished Goods
  • See Print Purchase Order
  • See Purchase Order Report
  • Receive Goods from Vendor
  • See Purchase Order Report again
  • Close Purchase Order
Bulk Manufacturing
  • Create a Style Master, with image, pieces and weights
  • Take order for 100, 200 pieces of 2 styles from a customer, with advance instructions and delivery date
  • Issue from raw stock stones and metal with pieces and weights coming from style
  • Send to worker: varun
  • Give labor to worker, receive back from worker after quality checks
  • Sell to customer
  • See Account-Statement of Customer
  • See Worker-Balances
Raw Purchase
  • Purchase of Gold18K and RD (Round Diamond)
  • Issue Payment
  • See purchase weights in Desk
  • See Print-Sale-Bill
  • See Stock in Package again
Sales Person Invoicing
  • Sales Person login
  • Sales Person makes sales of 2-3 items, with discounts and Purchase OldGold
  • Send for Approval
  • Cashier opens the invoice Saved by sales person
  • Add Payments
  • Save and Print Sale Bill
Direct Customer Ordering
  • Login as Order Manager
  • Create new Customer and assign Price Sheet
  • Look at Diamond Pricing Sheet and change some prices
  • Login as Customer
  • See Catalog - from Reports
  • Create and Save Order with 2-3 Styles and different Qty for each order
  • See Print-Order-Receipt
  • Login as Order Manager and Approve Order by Moving order UnApprovedOrders Desk to Fabrication Desk. UnApproved order will remain in fabrication desk
  • See Order-Report
  • After order is ready. Make the sale to customer in same order transaction
  • See Print-Sale-Bill
Customer Gold Deposit
  • Accept Gold from Customer
  • Return Gold to Customer
  • See Gold Report
  • Adjust Customer Gold Account for Jewelry Sale different purity
  • Print Sale Bill with Adjustment
  • See Gold Report
Inventory Verification
  • Create new Verification for Items to be Verified
  • Scan or Type Item SKU
  • See Report
JewelMesh Administration
  • Manage Sales Person
  • Manage Account Statement
  • Change Password
  • Create New Category
  • Change Metal Rates
  • Change Tax Rates