Feature List of JewelMesh 2.63 for Jewelry Retailers and Wholesalers

(*Features implemented as part of System Configuration)

  • Based on Stock Retail
  • Markup on Stock Retail*
  • Print Quotation with Markup on Stock Retail adjusted in non standard priced components*

  • No Discount
  • Item by Item Selling Price
  • Set Total Selling Price of all sold items
  • Percentage Discount on Quoted Retail
  • Selling Price on basis of negotiated parameters like Making, Wastage or material cost*
  • See Report of Discounts taken at POS

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Other Payments
  • Credit Voucher
  • Use Currency Conversion

Credit Sales
  • Make Payment Terms

Customer Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phones
  • E-mail
  • Anniversary, Birthday, Spouse Name
  • Referred By
  • Customer History
  • Separate Billing Address
  • Separate Delivery Address

  • Credit Sales
  • Below Cost Sale

Sales Persons
  • Record 5 Sales persons for each transaction
  • Record referral commission

Sales Returns
  • Find returning customer
  • Make Return of items sold to customer
  • Return Tax based on setup parameters*
  • Issue payments or credit vouchers

TradeIn Sales
  • Receive OldGold, Old Jewelry items at certain value
  • Adjust for Sold Items, Payments or Credit Voucher

Order Collection and Delivery
  • Collect Orders for New Items, New Like Existing and Repairs
  • Receive Customer stock on memo for the order
  • Print Order Receipt
  • After order is ready make sale to the customer of the order
  • Return remaining customer stock received on memo

  • Create and Present Catalogs

  • Automatic Tax calculation based on Tax Setup, Customer Information and Item Type

Sell Untagged stock
  • Price by Category selected at time of sale*
  • Sell By Weight

  • Sale Invoice
  • Return Receipt
  • Print Order Receipt
  • Appraisals
  • Order Receipt

Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order by Style Number for Finished Items and by SKU for raw goods
  • Track Receipts as per purchase order
  • Purchase from vendor as owned stock
  • Close Purchase Order when receipts are completed
  • See On Order Report

  • Create stock to be received in work area
  • Verify the stock created
  • Purchase from vendor as owned stock
  • Return to Vendor
  • Purchase Consigned Stock from Vendor
  • See Purchase Report

Consigned Sales
  • Make Stock Transfer to Customers on Consignment
  • Record Terms with customers*
  • Make Sale of items reported as sold
  • Receive return of unsold stock
  • Track Consignments memo wise

Stock Receipt on Consignment
  • Receive Stock on Consignment
  • Make sale of Consignment stock to customers
  • See Sold and yet to be Purchased stock
  • Make Purchase of Consignment Stock
  • Return unsold Consignment stock
  • Track Consignments by consignment number

Inventory Control
Define SKU Format*
  • Prefix can be combination of Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Serial Number can be Universal serial number, Prefix wise serial number or Random number
  • Raw Stock Types
  • Diamond Parcels
  • By Weight and Known Qty or Unknown Qty
  • Cut, Color Range,Clarity Range, Weight Range Gem Parcels
  • Gem Type, Shape, Hardness
  • Metal Parcels
  • Metal, Known Purity and Unknown Purity

Segregate Raw Stock from one parcel to another parcel

Old Metal Processing
  • Collect Scrap and Old metals into designated parcels
  • Find Average purity of the old parcel
  • Send for Refining or sell as lot
  • Book losses or gains in this process

Finished Stocks
  • Organize stock by Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Vendor, Vendor Style
  • Jewelry, Jewelry Sets and Jewelry Parcels
  • Bar coding*
  • Print different types of bar code labels depending on type of item*
  • Images

Stock Creation
  • Create Item by Item
  • Bulk Creation of pure metal items or generic stone items
  • Scan or Load item image while creation

Stock Adjustment
  • Remove Stock – With Reason Code
  • Add Stock – With Reason Code

Diamond and Gem Solitaires
  • Weight, 4C's, Certificates,
  • Create Pairs
  • Add Multiple Certificates with images

Pricing - Cost and Retail
  • Create Price Definitions for Finished Stock by Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Maintain Dynamic and or Ticket Price of items
  • Dynamic Pricing based on Component Pricing+Costs
  • Component Pricing linked from raw stock pricing or overridden for the item
  • Price Raw Stock and link Price of Finished Stock with merged raw stock
  • Add Multiple costs to the Item or Price Definition
  • Costs can be Absolute, by Metal Weight, by Gross Weight, Percentage up or down
  • Markdown or Markup stock prices for promotions, seasonal sales, clearance sale*

Stock Verification
  • Scan item by item, Load from a list, or manually type the SKUs
  • Multiple users can verify same stock
  • Verify Stock by location
  • Verify By Department, Categories or other parameters
  • Verify Finished Stock and or Raw Stock
  • Add remarks while verification for discrepancies
  • See summary and detailed report of verification
  • See Report of old verifications
  • Make Stock Corrections and regenerate verification reports

Search for Items
  • By Department, Category, Subcategories, Vendor, Vendor Style
  • By Retail Range
  • By Gross Weight, Metal Weight Range
  • By Quality and Weight of Stones
  • or any combination of above
  • Take report of searched items

  • Parcel-Report
  • Approval-Report
  • Entity-Balances
  • Entity-Label
  • Sales-Report
  • Payment-Report
  • Sold-Memo-Report
  • Stock-Movement
  • Styles-Report
  • Reorder-Report
  • Stock-Report
  • Jewelry-Price-Sheet
  • Missing-Images
  • Trial-Balance

Work Flow
  • Create Work flows for Shows, Received items, Order processing
  • Define Permissions at desk level for item modification, merge/extract raw from finished stock

Stock Management
  • See Aging Report
  • See Reorder Report

Contract Worker Management
  • Allocate Orders and Materials for Contract Workers
  • Allocate Material on order or Replenishment basis
  • Print Job Envelop
  • Transfer Allocated orders to Worker
  • Created Finished Stock by merging or extracting Materials into Finished Stock
  • Automatically adjust for wastage terms
  • Automatically adjust Material by purity
  • Record payments to workers for the order
  • Automatic Calculation of Worker Payment
  • Receive Finished Stock and remaining materials from workers
  • See Worker Report for Transactions and Work done over a time period

In-House Manufacturing
  • All functions of Contract Worker available for In-house manufacturing
  • Create Desks like Casting, Setting and define stock movement between desks
  • Define Loss types and Loss Values for Desks/Workers*
  • Available Loss Types are : 1.Percentage of Weight, 2. Fixed Weight and 3.By number of Stones
  • Any Loss Type can be made editable
  • Move Stock between desks.
  • Account for Loss, Broken Stones etc
  • Look at Loss report, Segregate LossGold to refined Gold, Book Real loss

Orders and Repairs
  • Make Orders for New Items, New Like Existing, Repairs
  • Make Estimate, Record Promise Date and Instructions
  • Print Order Receipt
  • Print Job Envelop
  • Fabricate the Order
  • Make sale of order to customer with value addition
  • Cancel Order
  • Transfer order to another customer

  • Maintain Entity Records with Entity Types : Customer, Vendor, Wholesaler, Worker, Employee, Bank, Service Provider and Collection Agency.
  • Maintain Referrals
  • Multiple Addresses and address types : Mailing, Billing, Payment, Purchase Order and RTV.
  • See Entity Balance Report
  • See History of Entities
  • Search for Entities with criteria
  • Print Mailing Labels for Entities*
  • Merge Entities with duplicate records

  • Expenses: Record Expenses by head.
  • Bank Accounts: create multiple bank accounts, issued cheques automatically credited to the corresponding account and received checks and CC payments can be manually credited to the account when deposited
  • Tax Report for Tax Period
  • Deposit Tax for the Tax Period
  • Trial Balance*
  • Export to other accounting systems

  • User permissions
  • Attribute Management.
  • Tax Setup