Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what ways can stock be received in JewelMesh and how the costing is done ?
You can Purchase, Receive on Memo and Add to Stock. Costing can be done as absolute, sum of cost of components.
2. In what ways can Selling price of Finished stock be done in JewelMesh ?
As Absolute price, Sum of component price. Further Markup on Retail using Price Definition, Markup on Retail using Price Change. Further round the prices using rounding rules. The component prices can be linked to masters, so that change in gold rate of masters will affect all the dependent selling prices.
3. In what ways can stock be barcoded in JewelMesh ?
The barcoding is completely customizable. You can use ink jet printers to print on label sheets, use special barcode printers like those from zebra. JewelMesh can be customized to print different size barcode tags for different kind of items.
4. What are Point of Sales features in JewelMesh ?
Quotation, Approval Sales, Confirm Sales, Appraisal, Old Jewelry/Gold receipt, Multiple Sales person for each Sale item, Customer Repair order, Customer New Order, Customer Stock against order, Sale of finished and raw stock, Sale Return, Approval Return, Payments From and To, Credit Voucher Issue and Receipt, Currency Conversion, POS Approvals like below cost sale, credit sale.
5. Can lots be purchased and sold by pieces or weight in JewelMesh ?
Yes, Lots like diamond parcels, gem parcels can be priced, purchased and sold by weight. Pieces can also be maintained for lots.
6. How are lots organized in JewelMesh ?
Lots are called parcels in JewelMesh. Parcels can be of stone, metal and pieces. The Parcels stock can be distributed across packages and Finished items. Parcels can be merged and extracted from items. Unlimited number of parcels can be created. Some examples are Gold18k, DRD2-2.5, RubyRD7 etc.
7. What workflow features are available in JewelMesh ?
Workflow is integral part of JewelMesh and is done using Package Manager. Stock is organized in packages, packages are organized in desks, users have permission to access a desk. Items can be moved across packages and packages can be moved across desks. History of movement is maintained.
8. What Customer Relation activities can be done from JewelMesh ?
Customer History, Customer details along with birthday, anniversary, spouse name, Print Mailing lables by a search criteria.
9. What kind of sales tracking can be done from JewelMesh ?
Sales Report by Period, by Date Range, by Sales Person, by Vendor, by Fast Moving and many more.
10. What Accounting features are available in JewelMesh ?
Entity Balances, Sold Not Purchased report, Cash Report, Petty Cash Book, Bank Accounts, Trial Balance.
11. How does the stock move in JewelMesh ?
Look at this diagram. Stock Movement
12. What is JewelMesh system configuration ?
JewelMesh is installed on a server system and accessed by client systems. The server and client can be same machine also. Multiple users can access JewelMesh at same time from any where where internet is available. The configuration of Server and Client is Windows XP any version with Dual Core Pentinum CPU. For Server 1GB Ram is recommended and for client 512 MB RAM is recommended.
13. In what language is JewelMesh developed in ?
Application backend is developed using Java.
14. What Databases are supported by JewelMesh ?
My SQL 6.0, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008.
15. What application level security features are available in JewelMesh ?
User permission setup allows good control on what part of inventory user can see, what transactions user can make, See Cost or Retail or Both, Which reports are available to user and much more.
16. What network level security features are available in JewelMesh ?
Apart from Login and password, Hardware dongel can be given to each user for access control. Further access to JewelMesh can be restricted to certain IP's.
17. What kind of support is available in JewelMesh to Export data ?
Following data in JewelMesh can be exported in form of Excel/CSV file.
Entire Stock, Part Stock, Customer, Accounting
18. Can Exisiting reports be modified and New Reports added in JewelMesh ?
Yes, The reports can be modified and added. Normally this can be done after some training or can be done by JewelMesh Implementer.
20. How do we support JewelMesh clients ?
We have a excellent online support structure with a person available on phone/email/msn 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM india time. To provide proximity support and training we use teamviewer to connect to client desktop for assistance.
21. Can JewelMesh manage customer orders ?
Yes, JewelMesh can manage Customer and Internal orders.
22. Can JewelMesh work with RIFD Tags ?
Yes, JewelMesh works with Active and Passive, both types of RIFD tags.